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  • Artisan Frames - 2016 Collection
  • Artisan Frames - 2016 Collection
  • Artisan Frames - 2016 Collection

Artisan Frames - 2016 Collection

$ 22.00 $ 25.00

Distressed Woodgrain
Midnight Black


Designed exclusively to house and showcase screen printed artwork, these accent frames are available only through Inked and Screened. Effortlessly change any room’s atmosphere with the inclusion of framed wallart! These frames are available in two universal styles: Woodgrain Distressed and Midnight Black.

Select Woodgrain Distressed to impart your viewing space with a rustic yet modern feel—the perfect complement to an exotic set of furniture, an inviting den, or your favorite place to just think.

Or choose Midnight Black to frame your prints and affect a contemporary, modular-geometric layout—a place where conversations are always fresh and ideas constantly materialize.

Whatever your style, these specially designed accent frames act as the capstone to any interior. We also provide a matting service, included with the purchase of each frame. A matted frame adds a touch of elegance to any piece of art placed inside by creating a vignette-like appearance, further reinforcing the feel of permanency and aiding the overall mystique.

These frames come in multiple sizes, each one tailored specifically to fit the dimensions of our various screen print options, as well as the standard photo sizes of other posters and art pieces. They are constructed using medium density fiberboard for a reliable sturdiness and feature a stunning laminate finish.

*These are for the frame only, they do NOT come with any of the pictured prints.

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