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American Psycho

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This clock design is an ode to the 2000 film "American Psycho" starring Christian Bale that was a dark comedy based off of a novel. It had some critics acclaiming it, some critics despising it, and some governments censoring the novel. The facts presented in the story are constantly being contradicted, to a point where the audience is never sure what parts have actually occurred or what parts were simply the delusions of a psychotic. "American Psycho", simply put, is a highly polarizing novel and film.

You can get this clock in two wood colors: Walnut and Cherry. Wooden Clocks are approximately 13" tall by 11" wide and are completely laser engraved and precision cut. Clock hands also come in two reversible colors: Black and White. 

Each clock features the highest quality available wood materials from US vendors, with immaculate surfacing to retain the original detail and eliminate distortion. When a piece is chosen, the design is laser engraved and cut out by hand. Every clock is made directly by our professional craftsman for quality assurance.

Please note: all of our clocks are made to order and are currently experiencing 1-3 day lead times. If you have any custom requests, please feel free to contact us!

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