About Us

Inked and Screened began when a group of friends—with graphic design backgrounds—decided to just go for it and form a business. Our goal, then and now, has been to make lasting impressions that cater to genre fans and hobbyists though screen printing — an art that emphasizes dynamic line work, depth of field, and rich texture. While it is much cheaper and far less time consuming to just digitally print an image, we wanted to create something that could be proudly displayed on someone’s wall. We wanted to make something slightly more permanent and a lot more intimate. 

Inked & Screened posters are hand printed to order, making each run a very limited edition. We’re excited to offer high quality prints, using non-toxic acrylic ink on top of substantially thick 100 lb. paper (6 prints weigh over 1 pound!). Screen printed products can be identified by their pronounced, raised ink and, in some cases, a subtle impression of the mesh screen used during crafting.

While digital and offset prints represent the color white by the lack of ink on paper, screen prints utilize a true white ink to provide an incredibly vivid brilliant color that is unachievable by other forms of printing.

For these reasons—as well as the time and care our artists place into each finished project—screen prints stand out from traditionally printed posters and shine in a different light.

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