Barad-Dur - The Dark Tower Infographic - Lord of the Rings - 18 x 24"

$ 35.00

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This print measures 18" x 24".

Straight from the depths of Mordor, the Lord Sauron's stronghold has been printed in the classic Inked and Screened method. Containing numerous facts about the Dark Lords tower, this print makes the perfect gift for any Tolkien fan.

Inked & Screened posters are hand printed to order making each run a very limited edition. We're excited to offer high quality prints using non-toxic acrylic ink on top thick high quality 100 lb. paper (6 prints weight over 1 pound!).

Screen printed products can be identified by their thick raised ink. Where digital and offset prints represent white by the lack of ink on an image, screen prints utilize a white ink to provide an incredibly vivid brilliant color unachievable by other forms of printing. This allows screen prints to stand out from traditionally printed posters and shine in a different light. Through limited runs, thick durable posters, brilliant colors and thick raised ink all done by hand by those that love this art form, each screen is printed uniquely for you!