Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio

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The giraffe symbolizes connecting compassionately with others because of its 26 lbs heart. Often times NVC is called the language of the heart because connection begins with the intention for a heartfelt connection.


We are excited to incorporate our first Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio t-shirt in this year's giving campaign. Your donation of $25 (plus $5.38 shipping) or more gets you this wonderful t-shirt shipped directly to you! We hope you enjoy the gift and share with family and friends this Holiday season!


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*Orders must be placed by December 11th for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Note that orders will ship in bulk. The first set of orders will start shipping December 12th for holiday delivery while the second set will ship starting the New Year.


Shirts are 100% cotton unisex fit with the following measurements:

**Shirt mock-up is on an adult small