How to Survive a Summer Indoors - Our Super Rad Playlist!

Posted on 29 July 2015 by Brian Fox

Music is a big part of our team’s lives. When we’re busy, cranking out hundreds of prints on any given day, our continued survival literally depends on a fully stocked jam-box. 

Clip by K.C. Greene of Gunshow Comics

Not just anything will cut it either. Our group is full of some of the most picky appallingly snobby music fans this side of They’ll try to play it off like they’re not hipsters too. Like it’s totally not strange to have The Beta Band and Bette Midler on the same iPod, or that Canadian Post-Bop Electro-Jazz is somehow a real genre. (At this time Inked and Screened would like to apologize to all of the Post-Bop Electro-Jazz musicians from Canada, who are reading this blog).

Anyway, in order for a song to make it onto our community playlist, it has to be a certified banger. What’s a banger, you ask?


So, without further ado, get ready to pump this stuff like they do in the future! Oh and hey, if our playlist gets you moving, feel free to swoop it up! While you’re at it leave some of your own recommendations in the comments below. We're always looking for some new jams!


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