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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Too Legit to Quit: 5000 Prints & Counting!

Posted on 29 May 2015 by Brian Fox

Thanks to everyone who’s shown interest in our latest series of Architectural Infographics, we have reached five thousand screen prints sold! That’s kind of a lot. Have you ever counted to five thousand? Go on, we’ll wait.

So while we take this week to catch up, let’s use this time to go over the process we use to create each individual print. We sat down with our Master Printmaker, Jordan Duff to give you all an idea of how our screen prints are brought to life.

So in order to get the renderings that our graphic designers cook up into a physical, workable form, we start by printing the entire design—to scale—on a transparent sheet of plastic. Next we run that transparency though an exposure machine (which looks like a cross between a scanner and a particularly terrifying tanning bed) to create the silk screen template. Now we can get to work—or, well Jordan can. Yes, like some ink covered Santa Claus, he hand checks a list of the day’s orders and begins the process of registration: a time consuming but vital step that locks the screen in place and ensures that all of our prints will be aligned just right. Once all of the angles are straight and there is a blank sheet in place, ready to receive ink, he pours a generous glob of the stuff onto the mesh screen. Then, with squeegee in hand, Jordan presses against the fabric with about fifteen pounds of pressure, transferring the ink through the fabric, onto our blank sheet. Finally, after checking for quality, the finished product is allowed to dry.


That technique though...

Posted by Inked and Screened on Friday, June 19, 2015


There you have it. The birth of an Inked & Screened screen print. Just as an aside, not once did I ever see Jordan measure how much ink he was pouring. It was like watching a proud, eighty-year-old Eastern European grandmother, who has long forsaken measuring cups, preparing a dish from the homeland. Truly an art, not a science.

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