We have...(drumroll please)...MAGNETS!

Posted on 12 May 2016 by Jessica Webb

Hey everyone! We have something new in our store that you might have noticed. Basically our keychain designs were doing so well that we wanted to try and use that idea to make a similar type of product. I mean, how many keychains does one person need? So, our engineer had the bright idea one day...magnets! 

This is how each of our keychain listings now look in our shop: 



Basically on each listing, there's two options. You first need to pick your product (keychain or magnet), then pick your wood color (cherry or walnut). The designs and pricing are the same. Magnets just won't have the keychain hardware attached to them. Keychain's won't have the magnet on the back. Super simple.


So Prince, Dumbledore, and the Hulk walk into a bar...


There's a couple of them above on our office fridge! By the way, the magnets are strong. That was one thing we were all adamant about when we went to make these. We wanted strong magnets. We're not talking about wimpy little "I hold one or two pieces of paper and then become useless" magnets. Our magnets are actually sometimes difficult to pull them off the fridge. When we tested it, one magnet held up 15 sheets of paper on our office fridge. We didn't try any more than that...we were pretty satisfied with the results!



If you want to buy some magnets and make your fridge look way classier, we have a coupon for you! Type in MAGNETS in the coupon box at checkout and get $2 off each magnet or keychain in your cart. But hurry...this expires at the end of the day on June 7 and there are only 100 to go around!

See you next week!

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