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Mother's Day and the 3 Types of Card Buyers

Posted on 21 April 2016 by Jessica Webb

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. There’s only sixteen days left, to be exact. Right about now is the time where everyone starts thinking about what to get their Mom, grandmothers, aunts, or wife (if you’re prepared). Typically, people then find the perfect gift and purchase it. If you’re not prepared, well, the day before you’ll be running around buying flowers, candy, and other random things wondering why you didn’t remember or do anything before now. (Hint: Don’t be this person.)

But nearly everyone forgets about one detail…the card. Mom/Grandma/Sister Debra/Aunt Louis/Boo Bear needs a card with her gift! So, we all run to whatever store’s close (…they HAVE to have cards, right?!) and spend a good fifteen minutes reading the three crappy cards they have available for Mother’s Day. The card ends up being five to seven dollars (give or take) which is ridiculous, but they kind of have you over a barrel. In the end, you buy it anyway all while cursing Hallmark and stomping back to your car.

Now, there are a couple of types of card shoppers. The first one’s the “Grab-N-Go”. These people don’t care about what the card says, they just want a card in their hand in 30 seconds so that they can be on their way. Who cares that it’s supposed to be a sympathy card and costs fifteen dollars? Everyone likes tea and the Muppets, right? She's up-to-date on her memes. Aunt Louis deserves the best, anyway!


This is a real card, people! I love whoever made this.


The second type is the “All Day”. These people sit in front of the card wall and read every. single. card. that could work for their occasion. They then finally find one that they like, flip it over, say it’s too expensive, and keep looking. They usually end up buying the expensive card they liked in the first place (which was 30 minutes ago and only a dollar more). No lie, I have seen these people take an hour to pick out a card. My own mother is one of these people. (Love you, Mom!)


There are even blog posts about picking a card, for Pete’s sake! How indecisive can you be?! IT’S A CARD. #childhoodtrauma


The third type is the “Five or Under”. This person just wants a card that fits their occasion for five bucks or less. They’ll take a crappy card that “sort of works” if it means they don’t have to pay for a piece of paper that someone will read once, then throw away. These people don’t read the card. They take one from the section they like, flip it over to the price, and if it’s cheap…they buy it. When their significant other gives them the “are you serious?” look, they defend their decision with one-liners like: “What six-year-old girl doesn’t like motorcycles?” (Fun fact: My husband has actually said that when buying a birthday card for our niece. No, she doesn't like motorcycles.)




Why not just skip it all together? Buy your card in advance and, like everything else you buy these days, via the Internet. We have just the solution for you!



Aren't they pretty?


Some background: one of our screen printers wanted to know if we’d ever be interested in doing things other than prints. We said: like what? They said: how about holiday cards? We said: sure! Thus, the complex procedures and stringent requirements to pitch a product in our company were complete. Some images were drawn up by our designers, they were printed on our high-quality thick paper and our Mother’s Day cards were born!



We were hoping to make something that wasn’t too sappy or snarky with a design that would work for lots of people in lighter purple, blue, and teal colors. We thought a minimalist card would work best with a blank interior, so that our customers could write whatever they’d like. That way, they could tell their moms about what makes them specifically awesome.



Our screen printing paper worked out beautifully for these. It's nice and thick, with a great hand feel and creases well. Like our screen prints, the ink lays on the paper, so you can feel the design since it's a bit raised. It's an artisan product that feels expensive, but isn't! You can even tell your Mom that the card is hand made when she runs her hands over it. We ship these free within the USA and an envelope is included. We also typically get them out within a business day or less of someone placing an order, so they ship super fast!



What do you think? Do you like our new cards? Would you like us to make designs for other holidays? Or are cards not your thing? Let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, Brian will catch you with another post next week.

Oh and please...go get your gifts early this year. You'll thank me later!  

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